‘Save As File’ added to Convert Data site

We have added the convenient ‘Save As File’ function represented by an floppy image 💾 to both the original content and the conversed content for easing the storage of the results while converting data with our web service.

New 'Save As File' function

Depending on the web browser configuration, the content will be stored directly without confirmation.

The web browser stores the content directly to your hard disk

Or it will ask what to do before saving the file.

The web browser will ask the user what to do with the content to store

JSON Formatter & Beautifier added

If you are often working with JSON objects, it is not always easy to visualize the content of big serialized objects.

Today we would like to bring you our JSON Formatter and Beautifier integrated in our Convert Data website.

Type the document you want to format in the box under the algorithm selection and click “Convert” button to have it nicely formatted.

Haval digest algorithm added

We would like to announce that the Haval hash algorithm has been integrated as part of conversion data of our Convert Data website.

We have added all the output length variants with the different rounds.

Tiger Hash Algorithms added

We are glad to announce that we have added the Tiger hash algorithm family to our online Convert Data web site. Please follow the next links accordingly to the length and the number of rounds.

Tiger hash algorithm at our online Convert Data website

Do you nee more information about the Tiger hash algorithm? Please check the wikipedia.

Miners for your web

In regard to our last posts regarding docker images for mining Monero and Webchain, some people have asked us how to integrate these in their websites, so they can monetize them without integrate annoying advertising.

We have been integrating CoinIMP and Crypto-Loot in some of our web services, and we can say both providers work with Monero, but CoinIMP also brings as alternative Webchain, and Crypto-Loot bets for uPlexa as second altcoin.

You can try their miners directly in the user dashboard once you have registered an account, so you will get aware how they work. Besides of that, they provide HTML code snippet you can integrate in your website for their miners, usually your users will be notified since their computers will be used for mining in an attempt to avoid any Ad-Blockers installed in the web browser of your users. If you are looking for an example, basically that is the modality we are using in our Data Convert Tooling web site.

If you don’t want to make the miner to run during the visits of your users, you can also integrate their captcha as replacement of the typical Google reCAPTCHA, which will require some mining time from the computer of your user, but it requires a little bit more of backend development knowledge. You can find an example about how this is used in our URL shortener or shortlink web service. Crypto-loot is also providing a shortlink service which will make the web browser of your visitor to mine a little bit before going to your website. If you want to see an example, just click on this link to go to uPlexa website.

In case of your web site provides a kind of credit mechanism for visitors, you may want to integrate CoinIMP. You can use their API to create users, and track how much they have contributed in mining, so you can build your credit system on top of it. Their credit can be also spent using their API. If you are looking for an example about how it can be done, you may take a look at our Artificial Neuronal Network web service.

Finally, don’t forget to get a wallet or use an online wallet like freewallet.org to manage your bitcoins and altcoins.

Consulting in Artificial Neural Networks

Since the backend of our website Fast Artificial Neural Networks is powered by libFANN we got some usage questions from our visitors and users. We think it’s better to ask directly to the developers regarding the library itself http://leenissen.dk/fann/forum/viewforum.php?f=1, but we can do our best for help:

1) We can set a connection by fann_set_weight()?
fann_set_weight Set a connection in the network.

2) how can I GET the weight of a connection? fann_get_weights Get all the network weights. 

Ref https://libfann.github.io/fann/docs/files/fann-h.html