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Anonymous Online BitTorrent Web Client

This is our online solution for downloading content from BitTorrent network, without having to install any software in your devices, only using the web browser of your desktop computer or your mobile. We are providing a solution which will allow you to download content without having to subscribe or register any account, anonymously. Content smaller than 1GB is free download, then it is pay-to-go. You will be able to pay with crypto currencies.


Anonymous Online BitTorrent Web Client

Don’t miss our quick tutorial to our Anonymous Online BitTorrent Web Client!

Prices per download: First 1GB free, then USD0.01 each additional 100MB.

Convert Data

A collection of data conversion tools where you can:

  • Calculate the CRC32 and CRC32-b and other cyclic redundancy checks of your texts
  • Hash your texts using MD2, MD4, MD5, SHA1, SHA2, SHA3, among others
  • Encode and decode using URL format, base64, HTML, etc.
  • Convert texts into their binary, octal, decimal, and hexadecimal representation and vice versa
  • Temperatures
  • Even more!

Convert data web service

The service page can be found at https://convert.ehehdada.com

Follow us in Facebook https://www.facebook.com/EhehdadaConvertData/

Prices: Webmining, or internal Ads if Ad-blocker is enabled.

Currency Exchange

Our website brings you a currency exchange rate information, currency converter calculator, and embeddable exchange rate charts that can be placed in your websites just adding an iframe to the chart like these examples:

<iframe src="https://currencyexchange.lucentinian.com/last12hours/EUR/USD">

<iframe src="https://currencyexchange.lucentinian.com/last12hours/BTC/EUR">

<iframe src="https://currencyexchange.lucentinian.com/last12hours/BTC/USD">

Find more in our website


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Prices: USD5.00/month to remove watermarks for our widgets:

  • Exchange rate evolution charts

Ephemeral Containers

This is our URL shortener service open for everyone.

You can associate the shorted URLs with longer URLs, with some free text that will be displayed or even pictures!

Ephemeral Containers
Ephemeral Containers

The created containers can be setup to expire after a certain number of opening times or after a given number of minutes, which makes them excellent for promotions and discounts.

Containers can be personalized with Google Analytics UAT, their preview can be embedded in social networks messages (please find more information in https://ehehdadaltd.wordpress.com/ephemeral-containers-social-network-customizations/) and the look and feel is also customizable (please find more information in https://ehehdadaltd.wordpress.com/ephemeral-containers-css-customization/).

The service page can be found at https://l.ehehdada.com

Follow us in Facebook https://www.facebook.com/Ephemeral-Container-166526520663603

Prices: Webmining of 256 hashes on link creation

Fast Artificial Neural Network

Create and train your own neural networks, and integrate a little of Artificial Intelligence to your applications!

Fast Artificial Neural Networks
Fast Artificial Neural Networks

You can have and train your electronic brains to forecasts who is going to win the next football league (please find more information in https://ehehdadaltd.wordpress.com/training-artificial-neural-networks-league-case/), recommend dishes to your customers (please find more information at https://ehehdadaltd.wordpress.com/training-artificial-neural-networks-resturant-case/), etc.

The service page can be found at https://fann.ehehdada.com

Follow us in Facebook https://www.facebook.com/FANN-Fast-Artificial-Neural-Network-223202768415966/

Prices: Webmining, 256 hashes = 1 credit for consuming queries

What time is it?

Do you need to track the current time of multiple regions, cities or countries in the world? You may want to take a look at our “What time is it?” website where you will be able to not only see all the current times in different places of the world, but you will be able to bookmark your favorite time zones that you may need also in your daily work.

What time is it in the world? Bookmark our website to consult all the available defined time zones.