do you have experience with crypto?

We got this question in our live chat, and we would like to sharewith you our experience with crypto currencies:

As regular users, we got hands on wallets for Webchain (now renamed as coin), Monero (XMR), Litecoin (LTC), and lately for Burstcoin (BTC), Bitcoin HD (BHD) and Litecoin HD (LHD).

We started integrating web miners long time ago for monetizing web services in replacement of integrating annoying ads and other unfair trackers, starting firstly with Monero then, when the 3rd party service closed (it was CoinHive) due it got banned by the most of the ad blockers for web browsers, we moved to CoinImp (which was initially accepting Monero then coin only) and to CryptoLOOT (this last one is interesting because they got a replacement of Captchas using web mining, and the moved from mining Monero to uPlexa).

We are miners too, we got computer running the miner for Webchain ( coin), and recently for Burstcoin (BTC), Bitcoin HD (BHD) and Litecoin HD (LHD). Whereas the first one uses hashes/second in regular computers, the others use hard disk capacity for mining. We have the Webchain ( coin) miners running in pool modality as well as for Bitcoin HD (BHD) and Litecoin HD (LHD). Regarding Burstcoin (BTC), we have two accounts connected in our own Burstcoin pool (small miners are welcome) and other accounts connected to other public pools.

As stated above, we accept crypto currency as payment method for our services, so we integrate crypto currency payment gateway, and as an easy example to find is how it has been integrated, please checkout our Anonymous Online BitTorrent Web Client Service.

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