Problems with crypto-mining

Sometime ago we deployed infrastructure for signum coin (formerly called burstcoin) and we posted an article talking about this.

We deployed two miners with 10GB allocated to each one and an instance of signum pool in our machines which was pointing to our signum coin wallet server (full node).

Due some ISP outages, and because mining in the same intranet, we found out that the transaction history in the wallet was forking (bifurcating) from the official network which was requiring to deleting the database of the wallet and resync from scratch because there is no rollback mechanism. Because the isolation problems due the ISP outages, in some other cases, the miners were credited because they found hash for the next blocks, but the payment was blocked because network mismatch.

Because these problems, we are placing on hold the availability of the pool, but we will eventually make it available soon. The wallet server is under resynchronization these days.

One thought on “Problems with crypto-mining

  1. Why are we crypto-mining signum coin? Because it is a greener solution than all these that use proof of work since the hashes are stored in hard disk instead of being recalculated for each new block. No need to have specific machines like the ASIC used for major coins like BitCoin and the CPU and GPU processors are not all the time running at 100% of their capabilities.

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