We can 3D print signs

Signs for companies, for shops, or for just your personal usage to have it hanging at home can be also be 3D printed. Why not to print them with a QR code to the web site of your company too, or for your personal web site, or as part of the background of your YouTube videos?

In web sites like https://printer.tools/qrcode2stl , you will be able to generate the STL file of a QR code that we can load and 3D print it for you.

Did you get your STL files with prototype of models and you want us to help you to print them? Please do not hesitate to inquiry us for quotation!

3D printed QR Code

Because the QR code is printed with the same color than the background, we need to colorize it to make it easily recognizable by the QR code reader (usually your phone).

Colorized 3D printed QR code

Below is the 3D printed sign of our company with the 3D printed QR Code ready to be scanned.

3D printed Sign of Lucentinian Works Co Ltd with 3D printed QR Code

Problems with crypto-mining

Sometime ago we deployed infrastructure for signum coin (formerly called burstcoin) and we posted an article talking about this.

We deployed two miners with 10GB allocated to each one and an instance of signum pool in our machines which was pointing to our signum coin wallet server (full node).

Due some ISP outages, and because mining in the same intranet, we found out that the transaction history in the wallet was forking (bifurcating) from the official network which was requiring to deleting the database of the wallet and resync from scratch because there is no rollback mechanism. Because the isolation problems due the ISP outages, in some other cases, the miners were credited because they found hash for the next blocks, but the payment was blocked because network mismatch.

Because these problems, we are placing on hold the availability of the pool, but we will eventually make it available soon. The wallet server is under resynchronization these days.

Mining Signum crypto

As part of our cryptocurrency experience, besides mining MintMe coin (fomally Webchain, similar to old Monero [web minable] and Ethereum [ERC20 & ERC223 Smart Contracts and DApps], more information at https://www.mintme.com), we’re mining Signa coin (Signum crypto, formally Burstcoin). The website of the project can be found at https://www.signum.network.

What is special about this cryptocurrency is it uses assigned hard disk space for mining instead of calculating once and again hashes. This strategy is called proof-of-capacity or POC in short. These hashes are calculated initially in a process called “plotting” and stored in any hard disk of yours as files, then the miner will scan the files looking for the right hash. The file creating process is slow enough to avoid cheating the assigned space by calculating it again each time the network wants to mine the next block. The files can be distributed across the different hard disks connected to your machine, even through USB and network shared folders. As much assigned space you have, as bigger the chance you get mining reward you will have. Moreover, alternatively to the assigned hard disk space for mining, you can commit Signa coins as part of their stake mining approach (it’s called POC+).

We’ve setup an instance of full node and online wallet in https://burstwallet.lucentinian.com, so you don’t have to download and install any software in your computer (by the way, downloading the full chain takes quite a while), and we’ve setup a pool for small capacity clients in https://burstpool.lucentinian.com.

This cryptocurrency requires to pay some Signa coin from your account before starting mining, because you will need to announce in the blockchain who is going to get the reward in your behalf (if you are mining “solo”, that will be your own account, in case of a pool, the pool owner, in case of our pool, this account is S-3FLD-CSBP-GT8C-9SB84).

To create an account is as easy as to open the wallet and input a long text as password. The account ID is created from this long text. Alternatively you will get a numeric value too that identifies your account.

do you have experience with crypto?

We got this question in our live chat, and we would like to sharewith you our experience with crypto currencies:

As regular users, we got hands on wallets for Webchain (now renamed as mintme.com coin), Monero (XMR), Litecoin (LTC), and lately for Burstcoin (BTC), Bitcoin HD (BHD) and Litecoin HD (LHD).

We started integrating web miners long time ago for monetizing web services in replacement of integrating annoying ads and other unfair trackers, starting firstly with Monero then, when the 3rd party service closed (it was CoinHive) due it got banned by the most of the ad blockers for web browsers, we moved to CoinImp (which was initially accepting Monero then mintme.com coin only) and to CryptoLOOT (this last one is interesting because they got a replacement of Captchas using web mining, and the moved from mining Monero to uPlexa).

We are miners too, we got computer running the miner for Webchain (mintme.com coin), and recently for Burstcoin (BTC), Bitcoin HD (BHD) and Litecoin HD (LHD). Whereas the first one uses hashes/second in regular computers, the others use hard disk capacity for mining. We have the Webchain (mintme.com coin) miners running in pool modality as well as for Bitcoin HD (BHD) and Litecoin HD (LHD). Regarding Burstcoin (BTC), we have two accounts connected in our own Burstcoin pool (small miners are welcome) and other accounts connected to other public pools.

As stated above, we accept crypto currency as payment method for our services, so we integrate crypto currency payment gateway, and as an easy example to find is how it has been integrated, please checkout our Anonymous Online BitTorrent Web Client Service.

DOGEcoin in our currency exchange web sites

While big players are being paid in crypto currencies https://engadget.com/spacex-dogecoin-moon-satellite-mission-200850331.html… follow their exchange rate with us at https://currencyexchange.lucentinian.com/doge , or if you’re trading #DOGE or other crypto currencies, you may want to query exchange rates with our bot https://web.telegram.org/#/im?p=@currency_converter_watcher_bot… and being notified when reached certain limits.

webchain/mintme altcoin exchange rate info added to our currency exchange site

We are starting to integrate other currency exchange rates providers like coingecko in our service starting with MintMe coin (aka webchain).


This change also allows our Telegram Messenger bot to provide you exchange rate information for webchain / mintme altcoin as well as alerts.

MintMe.com / Webchain coin in our Currency Converter & Watcher bot for Telegram


Please do not hesitate to contact us if your company or organization is trading assets, and you have way (API, etc.) to share exchange rate info.

What time is it?

Have you felt sometimes that the time of your clock is not right? With so many clocks at home, which one is the correct? Even the mobiles and computers may differ.

We are bringing you https://whattimeisit.lucentinian.com where you can check what time is it in your computer against our servers synchronized with the Network Time Foundation.

We will be adding more clocks for different timezones to the website.