We can 3D print signs

Signs for companies, for shops, or for just your personal usage to have it hanging at home can be also be 3D printed. Why not to print them with a QR code to the web site of your company too, or for your personal web site, or as part of the background of your YouTube videos?

In web sites like https://printer.tools/qrcode2stl , you will be able to generate the STL file of a QR code that we can load and 3D print it for you.

Did you get your STL files with prototype of models and you want us to help you to print them? Please do not hesitate to inquiry us for quotation!

3D printed QR Code

Because the QR code is printed with the same color than the background, we need to colorize it to make it easily recognizable by the QR code reader (usually your phone).

Colorized 3D printed QR code

Below is the 3D printed sign of our company with the 3D printed QR Code ready to be scanned.

3D printed Sign of Lucentinian Works Co Ltd with 3D printed QR Code

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