PayPal integrated with our Anonymous Online BitTorrent Web Client

Online payments with fiat currencies are now available in our Anonymous Online BitTorrent Web Client service (the website is at provided by PayPal.

This should be a proof of our skills integrating multiple payment gateways in e-Commerce websites.

When you are paying with U.S. Dollars (USD), the checkout summary will appear as below.

PayPal doesn’t require you to input your email in advance like in the case of CoinPayments, so after you have reviewed the checkout summary, please proceed to click “Pay Now!” button, and a pop-up window to PayPal payment gateway should be opened.

You can choose either to pay with your existing PayPal account or either pay with a card without having to login into PayPal by clicking “Pay with a Card” button.

If you go through “Pay with a Card” option, PayPal will ask you to provide the information about your credit card. Please notice all this is going through PayPal website, we are not storing any information in our side to keep anonymously the payments of the downloads.

Note: At the moment, buyers from Taiwan cannot use PayPal for payments because due to government regulations, buyers having a billing address in Taiwan cannot use PayPal to make payments to sellers registered in Taiwan (Yes! Lucentinian Works Co Ltd is a Taiwanese company).

Once you have registered your card, or you have gone throught using PayPal account method, please verify the amount to pay.

If you got enough funds, the PayPal window will be closed automatically and you can navigate back to our Anonymous Online BitTorrent Web Client web site.

Capturing the funds may take 1~2 minutes, so if you don’t see the download starting soon, please be patience. If it is taking too long, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Roadmap updated

  • Add payment gateway for Taiwanese customers
  • Bulk payments, so you don’t have to pay the transaction fee per torrent, but once for all selected torrents
  • In-web crypto-currency mining which, despite of being available, we need to integrate API to know how much USD has been mining. We only know the number of hashes you have granted and the equivalent in MintMe/Webchain coins.
  • Payments in lucentinian tokens! 🙂
  • Seeding service, because right now you can download anything from BitTorrent network, but we want to provide you a service to help you to upload and distribute your content.
  • A fancier UI design (feedback of our beta testers), too austere? too spartan? too zen style? if our web service turns into a profitable service, we will be able to hire a better UI web designer 😉 …. (yes! our web designer is crying now after reading this…)