Convert data from URL

We have added a new function in our Convert data web service to convert data from URL. This complements the other features of converting data from local file and from text copied into the text box.

Our web service will download the file from the given URL, but it won’t work with file protocol or local domains (such as localhost or 192.168… IPs), and it will execute the chosen operation on its content. Redirections (like HTTP 301 or 302) won’t be followed. If an error occurs, a message will be displayed. If success, the content of the file will be displayed and the result of the operation like in the screenshot below.

Date time decoder

We have added to our Convert Data web service date time decoders that we hope will help you to determine with ease these situations where you need to look for the calendar to know what day was yesterday, last Monday, first day of last month, etc. in different standard formats. You can also specify what timezone you want the date time to be parsed, including regions like continents and countries, or part of city names. So that, we hope this tool may help you with bulk conversions as well.

The available decoders are:

Temperature scale converters

We are glad to announce we have been been adding to our data converter website new options to transform temperature values from/to other scales. Convert your values between Celsius, Delisle, Fahrenheit, Gas Mark, Kelvin, Newton, Rankine, Réaumur, and Rømer temperature scales.