UML bot for Telegram

Our new Telegram bot is ready for work!

Chat with our bot, and get drawn UML charts.

Telegram UML bot example

It uses the plantUML format, so in the example above, the code is:

title Example
actor user
database telegram
database bot
user -> telegram : message with\nPlantUML format
telegram -> bot : message with\nPlantUML format\nplus chat data
bot -> bot : generate diagram
bot -> telegram : push diagram to user
telegram -> user : diagram

How to share it with others in other chat?
Since it is like a picture or photo, select the diagram and forward it to other chat.

Start forwarding a diagram

Look for the chat where you are going to forward the diagram.

Telegram forward destination selection

Find it in Telegram as @umlbot or open this link for the web version of Telegram

Other questions appearing in the comments below regarding ~~

6 thoughts on “UML bot for Telegram

    1. I send some plantuml formatted data to the bot…

      Maybe a good hint. Try to use “` and “` around the text. Otherwise I got issues that Telegram parses my text eg. Telegram can’t deal with ~~ symbols in Telegram (will cause a strikethrough). Which is a valid format in plantuml. Like: git ~~> deploy (arrow).

      Nevertheless, a nice feature would be to send plantuml to somebody with @umlbot or something in another chat, which then automatically sends the image to the other telegram user.

      1. I have uploaded a picture in the post regarding A ~~> B and A ~> B, how the bot renders it. What did you get? Is it possible for you to share with us some screenshots?

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